How to Participate

If you’re a writer:

I don’t write the promos, you do. Believe me, we’ll both be happier if you do. Please send your listing as you’d like it to appear to either as a word doc or in the body of the email. Please do not send me links and ask me to cut and copy text from another site. Eventually, I’ll be breaking the listings off into sub-genres so please include a sub-genre.  If your listing is short I can  use one image…if it’s longer I can use two. That’s an aesthetic choice.

When you have a new book come out, I’ll list it on the front page for a month or so…so remember to send me a new listing. I usually add a buy link to the image – amazon unless you’d prefer something else. You can include links in your text if you’d like.

Yes, you can send me listings for several books/series. I link them to Facebook and Twitter – as I suggest you do as well – so it might be wise to send them in at different times rather than getting a lot of exposure in a short period. But it’s up to you.


If you’re a reader:

Jump in any time. Please feel free to make comments in the Reader’s Corner section. The first comment was sent to me and I posted it, but please don’t do that. Just make a comment and I’ll approve it.


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