Miles Diamond Mystery Serial


Comedic/Erotic Mystery

Clueless detective Miles Diamond scours the globe, leaving no man undone, in his quest to solve the case of the missing twin.

Miles is on the verge of eviction when devilishly handsome David Travis shows up at Miles’ Pioneer Square office. Travis is offering vast quantities of cash for information leading to the whereabouts of his twin, Daniel, reputedly killed in a boating accident. Dazzled by the prospect of solvency, Miles eagerly takes the case. Within hours, he is enmeshed in a seedy underworld of human slave trafficking, drugs and international crime. Fortunately, Miles’ pal Rudy Vale and Jackson, a recent recruit from the ranks of those wishing to annihilate Miles, are on hand as the intrepid trio globe-hop from the U.S. to Europe and North Africa in order to ferret out clues. What Miles lacks in detecting skills, he more than makes up for with his sexual stamina, finding himself in a variety of compromising positions with scores of randy men as he strives to save Daniel Travis from almost certain death.


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