The Nexus

The_Nexus_Final Version

The Nexus is a conspiracy thriller set in New York, its protagonist an ordinary gay man with extraordinary psychic abilities. This hero, Sykes, becomes woven into a tapestry of metaphysical intrigue and danger surrounding a covert genetics experiment called Project H.E.L.I.X. Aided by his closest friends, they meet with one obstacle after another. Meanwhile, Sykes’ quest for the truth about the source of his powers forces him to leave his administrative post at Ace Advertising. His emergence from yet another kind of closet carries with it a psychological toll that is more and more evident as Sykes unravels a massive Gordian knot of lies and deception. The result of his actions produces an effect more powerful than anything that either science or the military had envisioned. And his adversaries will stop at nothing to prevent him from exposing their secret.


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