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I’d like readers to be able to participate on Queer Sleuths so I’m creating a tab for that. If you’d like to talk about your favorite writers or kinds of books you like, you can do so in the comment section or … feel free to write about a paragraph or two about whatever interests you an send it to me at and I’ll create a special page for you. The website is brand new and we can take it in whatever direction readers would like to go in.

Marshall Thornton


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  1. Marshall Thornton | Reply

    This is actually from Jax:

    I like my mystery-romances to be strong on the mystery with the romance being a well-balanced complement or even just a tantalizing tease. Along with Marshall’s own Boystown (Nick Nowak) series, here are seven favorites that I hope will continue:

    Lily White Rose Red (Grey Randall, Private Dick) by Catt Ford
    Noir-style 1948 Las Vegas. Grey is ex-military, now private eye. His love interest is Philip, the owner of a secret gay club. Emphasis is on the mystery rather than the romance in this first installment.

    Brushback (Evan Austin) by Jamie Scofield
    Set in Seattle, this is actually three mysteries. One case leads to a possible romance for ex-cop Evan when he meets artist Roman Cavanaugh. First book released in 2009, still waiting for a follow-up.

    Amor en Retrogrado/Death by Misfortune (Bill Turner) by A.M. Riley
    The romance between closeted police detective Bill and his secret lover, schoolteacher Christopher, is secondary to the mysteries, but the complex murder cases involve gay characters as well.

    Final Attonement/False Confessions (Doug Orlando) by Steve Neil Johnson
    These books feature a gay NYPD detective hated by his fellow cops for both his sexual orientation and because he testified against his former partner. Stewart, his partner of 12 years, is a professor at NYU. First published in 1993, these were made available as ebooks in 2011 so I’m hoping that there might be more to come in this series.

    It Takes Two/Only Make Believe by Elliott Mackle
    It’s 1949 Florida and two ex-military men, Bud, a police detective and, Dan the manager of a members-only hotel & club, have a tentative romance. Dan is clearly more at peace with himself while Bud fights it hard, dating a woman and referring to what he does with Dan as “mixing it up”.

    Like Coffee and Donuts/Like Pizza & Beer (Dino Martini) by Elle Parker
    Opposites attract in this friends-to-lovers series. Old school Florida P.I. Dino is a well-dressed neat freak who has only dated women. Auto mechanic Seth is the slutty slob who wins his heart.

    Missing Daughter, Shattered Family/A Fresh Set of Eyes (David Lloyd) by Liz Strange
    Toronto, Canada. Ex-cop turned P.I. David and his closeted lawyer boyfriend Jaime are in a long-term relationship. Book one is focused on the missing person investigation with more personal developments in book two.

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